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The Team

Philip de Lisle

Picture of Philip de Lisle

Philip is the founder of Blueprint for Exit.

He has over 30 years of experience as a Company Director during which time he has bought and sold numerous companies. Prior to Blueprint for Exit he was CEO of Business Online Group plc which he founded in 1988 and which at its peak was valued at over US$1billion.

An experienced corporate troubleshooter and a mentor to senior executives, he regularly lectures and trains throughout Europe and has had various articles published in the UK and USA. He has been a consultant to a major PR/Advertising firm in Scandinavia and has taken on senior marketing and advertising roles both in the UK, the USA and Scandinavia. He is also an Expert Witness for the UK Courts, advising lawyers and has given evidence at trial.

He is a Life Member of the Institute of Directors, a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Peter Jeffery

Picture of Peter Jeffery

Peter was a Director of Irvin Aerospace for 3 years, troubleshooting their world-wide operations and production. As Acting Managing Director, he was responsible for increasing profits by more than 25% and reducing costs by almost £1m per annum.

He is a Senior Consultant at Blueprint for Exit.

Jonathan Palmer

Picture of Jonathan Palmer

Jonathan has been active in both corporate recovery and startups for 15 years, helping companies to improve their market focus especially when in crisis.

He has a financial and strategic planning background having been Head of Strategic Planning at W H Smith plc in the 1980s. He has considerable experience of putting together MBI teams and supporting them. He has worked across most sectors but specialises in retail, financial and other services, and leisure.

He is a Senior Consultant at Blueprint for Exit.

Andrew Stubberfield

Andrew is a management consultant specialising in finance and administration.

He has worked closely with companies at all stages of their growth from initial business plans through acquisition to sale. He has been an FCA for over 25 years and is a Fellow of the Institute of Management. After leaving Arthur Anderson as a senior manager, he has held directorships and senior positions in several PLCs and other companies.

He is a Senior Consultant at Blueprint for Exit.

Gerard Kavanagh

Gerard's background is advertising and marketing.

He has been a senior manager for J. Walter Thompson and Saatchi & Saatchi among others. He set up and ran the advertising department of the Recorder Group, the largest local free newspaper in the South East of England. He founded and was Managing Director of a sales and marketing company.

He worked closely with Philip de Lisle for five years at Business Online Group plc where he was Sales and Marketing Director.

He is a Senior Consultant at Blueprint for Exit.