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Blueprint for Exit™

The current economic climate and the ongoing pensions fiasco has brought into sharp focus what we want from our businesses; many of us are starting to take a long, hard look to our future, often for the first time.

You've spent years building your company into something that you can be proud of. You may have underpaid yourself in the expectation that your reward would come when it's time to exit.

The Problem

Where do you start? How do you go about exiting your company?

What are your objectives in any planned sale? How much time can you devote to finding a buyer rather than running the company? How do you open negotiations? How should your financial data be presented in order to highlight the advantages of your company to a prospective purchaser? (Audited accounts rarely, if ever, provide an acceptable basis for either party in a sale and purchase.)

What if your chosen exit is a Management Buy Out or Buy In?

What if you want to pass on the business to your family rather than sell? How do you go about this so that you extract as much value as you can without damaging the business going forward?

It is much more stressful to exit a company than it is to start one. There is too much riding on a successful result (e.g. comfortable retirement vs. enough to get by) for you to leave anything to chance.

You need a Blueprint for Exit™.

What Do You Get?

Our minimum level of service gives you a report that details any administrative changes needed to maximise your company's value (i.e. the sale price). This is your Blueprint for Exit™.

It is natural for all of us to believe that the value of a business depends on our own input, and indeed this is usually the case. However it is the business rather than your effort that will be the attractive feature to a purchaser.

All of our consultants are involved with the selling of businesses so are well placed to assist in this task. The Blueprint for Exit™ will report how to represent your financial data in the best possible way to appeal to a prospective buyer. We can also help identify the most suitable buyers for you to actively cultivate. By following this and further suggestions in your Blueprint for Exit™, you will be grooming your company for sale.

At the next level, using our Blueprint Tracker™, we can guide you through this process up to the conclusion of the exit/sale (some might call this grooming or hand holding). We can work with you and your accountant to re-work your financial data as appropriate. You have access to our consultants as required. They can attend meetings, and more importantly act as an extra pair of eyes and ears during negotiations. We can negotiate on your behalf if you decide that your energies are better used in running your company until a sale is agreed. Furthermore we act as your coach to ensure that you perform at your very best at the negotiating table, particularly ensuring that your natural enthusiasm about your company is translated into increased value.

We can do as little or as much as you need us to do, while you concentrate on running the business; fail to do this and your company will quickly lose its attractiveness to a potential buyer.

What makes us different is that we never forget one golden rule:

Your company is unique — it's yours!

Can You Use Your Accountant?

Of course you can, but remember that they do not specialise in grooming a company for sale.

This is all we do!

Put simply, do you want someone handling your exit from your most precious asset to talk the talk or walk the walk?

All Blueprint for Exit's senior consultants have bought and/or sold companies so we know from first hand experience what is involved.

How Much Does It Cost?

A Blueprint for Exit™ is a fixed price contract.

No two exits are the same so the cost of the Blueprint Tracker™ is negotiable depending upon how long the contract is to last and how quickly your exit is to be executed. Blueprint for Exit consultants have their own rates which are capped.

What Next?

Please contact us to arrange a confidential, no cost meeting to discuss your requirements.

We look forward to working with you to construct your dream.